Our product design studio

Punctuate design is an industrial design and product design studio based in Montreal and founded in 2019.

We work with both startups and established companies looking for collaborative design processes with a focus on user experience and sustainability.

Office Punctuate Design Studio
Inside the product design studio and industrial design studio at Punctuate Design

Our values


At Punctuate Design, we place the environment at the heart of our concerns, it influences all our design choices and motivates us in our daily work. With each new project, we aim to select quality and sustainable materials, and to promote a circular economy model.
Values of Punctuate Design Studio - Product and Circular Design Studio


Creativity is the essence of our product design studio, it guarantees the success of our products. At Punctuate Design, we are always looking for ways to surpass ourselves to offer innovative and useful concepts, capable of improving our daily lives. Within our team, as with our clients, we build a true creative collaboration.


A uniform world would have no need for designers, because it is precisely our differences that makes the strength and gives meaning to our profession. At Punctuate Design, we place inclusivity at the core of our work. We always privilege human relations, collaboration and exchange.


is an award-winning French designer, founder and creative director the product design studio Punctuate Design.

He has been working in the design industry since 2012 and for several product design studios in France, Hong Kong, New York and now in Montreal for leading companies and startups from various industries with an increased focus on sustainability.

Thibault Lerailler, Founder of Punctuate Design Studio - Product and Circular Design studio

Our product design studio creates experiences for brands all around the world

" They are the best designers I know! Punctuate Design are experts in both industrial designs and UI&UX design. I highly recommend them for the development of your product. "
William St-Pierre - Client of Punctuate Design Studio - Product and Circular Design Studio
William St-Pierre
Co-Founder & CEO of Mechasys
" It was a pleasure working with the team at Punctuate Design. They are very professional and they know how to take your project to the next level. I highly recommend their services. "
Mathieu Laviolette - Client of Punctuate Design Studio - Product and Circular Design Studio
Mathieu Laviolette
Co-Founder & Director of Novagrow
" Thibault is a very gifted designer that strives to understand your needs and your vision. I was really impressed with every step of the process! I really appreciated that we took the time to understand the market and to pinpoint exactly what kind of product I wanted. I feel very confident that my product will do well on the market! "
Teri Baloukas - Client of Punctuate Design Studio - Product and Circular Design Studio
Teri Baloukas
Founder & CEO of The Clean Capsule

We work with incredible partners

Our product design studio has been selected as an expert in eco-design and innovation by the Fonds Ecoleader, we offer specialized support services in eco-responsible practices

Punctuate Design holds a qualification certificate issued by Ministère de l'Economie et de l'Innovation du Québec (MEI)

Thibault Lerailler, the founder of Punctuate Design, is a board of directors member of Association de Designers Industriels du Québec (ADIQ)
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