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we ask questions,

uncover insights,

analyse and combine them

to imagine and design tangible and sustainable

About our design studio

Punctuate is an industrial and product design studio based in Montreal and founded in 2019.


We work with both startups and established companies looking for collaborative design processes with a focus on user experience and sustainability.

Thibault Lerailler is an award-winning French designer, founder and creative director of Punctuate Design.

He has been working in the design industry since 2012 in France, Hong Kong, New York and now in Montreal for leading companies and startups from various industries with an increased focus on sustainability.



Your product needs to deliver your message.

A meaningful design needs to speak by itself and communicate your identity to your end customer in a very clear and simple way.

Users should get what your product purpose is ;  they should grasp its uniqueness, and understand your values and ethics just by interacting with it.

For us, product design is the simple and yet perfect balance between meaningful, useful and personal.


Company and users aspire to a successful design, one that will unlock the full potential of your product.


A product that create a meaningful user experience.


A product today is not just about aesthetics; it is about being personal.

New generations are looking for something that resonates with them in an authentic way.


Your product should strike a balance between being universal - to appeal to a large market - and yet unique - to speak to each individual on a personal level.