The smart energy solution


Designing an expandable smart energy solution for homes

In today’s world, even the most developed areas still suffer from power outages. The ask was to imagine a discreet and modular battery storage solution. The solution has to help reduce electricity use and costs by storing and reusing energy according to the user’s need, as well as act as a generator in case of power loss.

An easily-integrated design that complies with technical and aesthetic requirements

Through our ideation process, we needed to imagine a compact and discreet solution that can be easily adapted according to differents users' needs: easy to install without the use of an electrician, compatible with smart homes, and able to offer different storage capacities.

Offering a timeless and unique solution that fits perfectly into modern indoor spaces

The solution is clean & discreet. The modules are composed of stackable batteries on top of a base module, which can be multiplied and expanded, wall-mounted or freestanding, and with a customizable front panel according to the user’s aesthetic preferences.
inspiration board to create first design concepts of Moduly
Moduly  energy solution back view with features
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Modular solution

Offering a modular product where each kit can be scaled up based on the ideal energy requirements depending on each user's needs

Personalized finishes

With the clip-on cover design, the material and finish can be easily customized to fit perfectly into each user's space

Durable & eco-responsible design

With a reduced number of parts, a timeless minimalist aesthetic, and durable materials and finishes, the product promises to combat planned obsolescence across its extended lifecycle

User friendly interface

Easy-peasy, intuitive, and effective - the user interface is reduced to one simple information that communicates the two main functions: the product is on, and the battery is charging or fully charged

A connected phygital product

Controlling everything, through the touch of your finger - to track power utilization, to monitor electricity savings, to control operations and to adjust personal preferences, all is possible though a connected mobile application

Main module system from Moduly in a living room
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