KUSK was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week as part of The Green Future Club!

KUSK was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week, one of the most prestigious design events in Northern Europe as part of The Green Future Club! 🌱🌱🌱

We are very proud to be on this journey with ⚪️ Paula Nerlich ⚪️ and thank you to the Green Product Award team for the opportunity and for these images!

The Dutch Design Week is held annually and attracts numerous visitors, including design enthusiasts, industry professionals, and media representatives. This event provides a platform for designers and artists to showcase their innovative designs, ideas, and products to a global audience.

KUSK was one of the many innovative products and concepts on display and attracted a lot of attention from visitors. The display of KUSK at the Dutch Design Week demonstrates its position as a cutting-edge concept in the world of design and its recognition by the industry.

Green future lab and Kusk at the Dutch Design week
zoom at KUSK, an innovative concept from Punctuate design and Paula Nerlich
KUSK, innovative concept from Punctuate Design
Thibault Lerailler
Founder & Creative Director
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