Responsibly designing play for children


Designing a repairable audio device for children & their parents

The need to cut down screen time is becoming increasingly important for young children. The challenge was to create an inviting and repairable electronic toy which offers an audio and tactile experience without the need for a screen, and which can be continuously disassembled, repaired and cherished by both parent & child.

Offering a gateway to wonderful imaginary worlds

The solution had to be comfortable to manipulate and transport, all while being simple and practical to use by both parents and children between the ages of 2 and 8. Our ideation and prototyping processes allowed us to come up with a playful design which was easy to clean, to configure, and to interact with by all its potential users.

A playful & inviting audio toy stimulating imagination and cognitive development

The final product is an interactive toy offering a different audio approach for a more unique experience. Made from sustainable materials and designed to be disassembled and repaired, the audio toy becomes a loyal companion embarking on children’s daily adventures, all while reassuring and delighting their parents.
Fabli device in front view with a yellow sleeve
Reparability at the heart of product development
front view of device with yellow sleeve
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Playful & inviting design

The device features a playful and inviting design, with bright colors and interactive elements that immediately captivates kids imagination and encourages exploration.

Intuitive product interface

The device features an intuitive product interface, enabling to navigate through educational stories and games with ease, making learning both fun and accessible.

Promoting design for reparability

The design allows kids to easily take the device apart and reassemble it, fostering not only their curiosity but also teaching valuable lessons in sustainability and engineering.

headphones and device from Fabli on top view
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