Rediscovering non-electric refrigeration for the modern world


Creating a low-tech solution to reduce energy consumption

Our challenge was to completely eliminating the impacts of energy consumption as a low-tech solution - considering that electricity waste is one of the main environmental impacts of a standard refrigerator.

Embracing Nature's cooling Principles for Sustainable Living

The design needed to reduce the need for larger size electrical refrigerators for all foods all while utilizing natural materials & design for disassembly, thus reducing the impact of material extraction, manufacturing & transportation.

A compact cooling device for the essential

Utilizing only three materials, muri offers simple & energy-efficient manufacturing processes, all while eliminating the use of rare earth elements found in electronic products.
process Muri product development low tech refrigeration
low tech refrigeration Muri on a countertop in a kitchen
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Reducing the impacts of the use phase

Engineered to significantly lower energy consumption during its use phase, effectively reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable living.

A low-tech solution

Offering a compact and efficient refrigeration solution without relying on traditional high-energy consumption methods

low tech refrigeration Muri with packaging
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