Juno Technologies

Juno Technologies

A discreet & practical menstrual pain wearable device


Designing a high-performing wearable solution to relief menstrual pains

The challenge was complex yet necessary to take on: create a discrete wearable technology device which can offer quick and lasting relief from menstrual pain, all while being used on the go by its users.

A compact, discreet, intuitive and efficient design

The wearable technology solution was designed to be as compact and discreet as possible, integrated as seamlessly as possible into the user’s day-to-day life. Multiple user tests were held to validate ergonomics and user-friendliness along the way. To optimize the user experience further, we designed an intuitive and simple product interface which can be controlled and connected from a mobile application.

A well-tailored wearable fem tech solution which offers lasting pain relief

The design solution proposed and tested proved to combine comfort, performance and inclusivity to its users. The wearable FemTech device can be discreetly and easily installed and used, all while offering instant pain relief.
Mechanical engineering & Design for prototyping
Juno's prototype and electronical components
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Combining practicality & technology

The device offers smart, discreet comfort on the go.

Revolutionizing wearable pain-relief technologies

Introducing a new technology and method of managing discomfort

Fostering an inclusive and equitable experience

Designed with diversity in mind, ensuring accessible, effective, and compassionate pain management solutions for every individual

An empathetic and user-centered approach

Meticulously designed to understand and address the specific needs and comfort of individuals

Patent-pending technology

Introducing patent-pending innovations that provide effective, personalized menstrual pain management

Zoom in view of the device fomr Juno Technologies
Device form Juno with a mockup of the App.
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