LG Concept

LG Concept

Reimagining the modern TV


Finding the balance between invisible & high-performance television trends

Today, no one wants to see the television in the middle of their living room, they want it to be as discreet as possible, to the point of being practically invisible. Paradoxically, we are also looking for a sharper and larger image, accessible only on large screens. The challenge is to imagine a sleek design which can swiftly combine the two.

Going beyond a gadget. A living piece of modern furniture

Our design process allowed us to imagine a concept which can be a television screen, a floor lamp and an art object on its own right.Our research proved that these different functions enable the solution to integrate the shelves of a multitude of stores, specialized in electronics, lighting or interior design.

Improving visual and spatial comfort, while encouraging moments of exchange, not always screen-centric

The final design offers all the benefits of a classic high-performance television, but without the disadvantages: the TV screen, which is usually not very aesthetic disappears as soon as the screen is no longer in use.
LG TV concept with the sliding part to expend the display
several CMF of the LG tv concept
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LG concept from above with two people in the scene
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