Novagrow 2.0

Novagrow 2.0

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Innovate for better urban agriculture and reconnecting with nature

We helped Novagrow with their product strategy and designed these indoor microgreen gardens by aiming at sustainable practices (eco-design) and a functional design for the user.

Novagrow's mission is to innovate for better urban and circular agriculture by offering an indoor garden that allows anyone to grow 20 varieties of herbs and nutritious vegetable shoots at home, all year round.


Aiming at sustainable practices and a functional design for the user

The Novagrow garden:

- Is designed so that every parts of the system can be easily replaced in the event of a defective part. As for grow mats, they are composted at the end of a crop cycle.

- Is easy to use and assemble. Its automatic lighting and autonomous irrigation require very little maintenance for the user. In addition, growing plants with the Novagrow Simple is done in 4 easy steps thanks to an innovative technique that uses bamboo fiber mats instead of soil mix.

- showcases eco-friendly bamboo wood, energy-saving LED lighting system and abundant greenery, providing an elegant look that adds a touch of nature to the kitchen.


Novagrow has raised $ 230,000 from crowdfunding on Kickstarter in 30 days and won 2 Design Awards

GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN – 14th edition

Discipline : Industrial Design & Product Design Industrial Design / Consumer Goods : Gold Winner

Special Awards / Wood Featured in Industrial & Product Design : Platinum Winner



microgreens in hands of user from Novagrow
first prototype for Novagrow from Punctuate Design
first prototype assembly for Novagrow from Punctuate Design
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Novagrow product in context
1 level product from Novagrow
2 levels products from Novagrow
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" It was a pleasure working with the team at Punctuate Design. They are very professional and they know how to take your project to the next level. I highly recommend their services. "

Mathieu Laviolette Co-Founder & Director at Novagrow
Co-Founder & Director at Novagrow
grand prix du design Novagrow
Novagrow family from Punctuate Design
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