Off the grid

Off the grid

An optimized console for smart energy spinning bikes


Creating a polished console design to be integrated into an existing bike design

The brief consisted of imagining a console design offering a wireless phone charging feature. It has to be compatible both technically and aesthetically with Off The Grid’s existing smart energy spinning bikes.

Optimizing the design for simple and intuitive assembly & maintenance

Through our user-centered approach, we collaborated tightly with the technicians in order to understand their needs and better cater to them. Breaking down the user journey - particularly the installers and maintenance workers - was of the upmost importance to identify our innovation opportunities.

A sleek console concept satisfying all its users’ needs

The solution is a compact, integrated and fully-accessible console design. It creates a seamless experience for the technician installing & repairing the electrical components, as well as the end user using the screen while charging their phone.
Off Th Grid console layout on a table top view
Exploded view of the console from Off The Grid
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An optimized console

Designed console maximizes efficiency and user experience

Design for smart energy spinning bikes

Engineered for durability and optimal performance

view of several design concept of the console from Off The Grid
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