A juicer to easily switch between juicing small and large citrus fruits


Creating a Versatile and Efficient Citrus Juicer

OXO, a brand renowned for its innovative and user-friendly kitchen tools had a challenge: to create a versatile and efficient citrus juicer that could cater to various types and sizes of citrus fruits. The product needed to be intuitive for users, easy to clean, and capable of maximizing juice extraction while minimizing waste. Additionally, the design had to align with OXO’s aesthetic and ergonomic standards.

From Concept to Prototype to Final Design

To tackle this challenge, we began with extensive market research to identify gaps in existing products and understand user pain points. We developed initial prototypes to test different mechanisms and ergonomics, conducting user testing sessions to refine our designs based on real feedback. Our iterative process focused on improving juice extraction efficiency and ease of cleaning. The final design included interchangeable reamers for various citrus sizes, non-slip grips, and easy-to-read measurement markings, ensuring a user-friendly experience that could be easily disassembled for cleaning and storage.

A User-Friendly and Innovative Citrus Juicer

The 2-in-1 citrus juicer for OXO successfully combined versatility, efficiency, and user-friendliness. It features two interchangeable reamers, allowing users to juice both small and large citrus fruits with ease. The ergonomic design, complete with non-slip grips and intuitive assembly, ensures a comfortable and efficient juicing experience. The product not only met OXO’s high standards but also received positive feedback from users for its innovative design and functionality!
Oxo 2 in 1 juicer with two hands
OXO citrus juicer 2 in 1
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Two different removable reamers snap off for cleaning and nest for storage


The body is shaped for a comfortable grip and the pour spout is drip-free

top view of OXO citrus juicer with orange and line on the table counter
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