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A modular, scalable, and upgradeable electric vehicle


Using aluminum extrusions’ unique qualities for the rapid electrification of tomorrow’s parking

Intensive research and strategy definition helped bringing together the versatility of aluminum extrusions and the need for an improved modular EV charging station.

An easy to assemble system optimized for installers

The system had to be spread out in a flexible layout that can adapt to different spaces : from linear parking, to bunched front-to-front ones, to narrow interior parking with walls, to exterior parking lots requiring lighting or shade.

A family of modular building blocks to configure the ideal urban installation

The innovative modular concept includes only one electrical feed for up to six EV chargers, a minimalist interface for a fast & efficient end-user experience, and ergonomic dimensions & proportions for an inclusive spectrum of users.
EV charger parts exploded with aluminium profile
outdoor EV Charger concepts from Punctuate Design
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Design for smart renewable energy

Engineered to optimize renewable energy use, enhancing efficiency and sustainability for electric vehicle charging

Sustainable-material driven design

Leveraging the durability and recyclability of aluminum

Modularity for the ever-evolving urban world

Designed with modular components to adapt and grow with the dynamic needs of urban environments.

preview of app for EV charger system
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