Thalia Eco

Thalia Eco

A solar and modular outdoor lamp


Competing with inexpensive yet low-quality solar lamp fixtures saturating the current market

The challenge was to create an outdoor lamp that competed with current product on the market not only through the use of solar energy, but also by increasing the product's long-term durability. To achieve this, the design had to maintain versatility to minimize the risks of becoming outdated.

Expanding the product’s life

Our research revealed that competitors offered products that did not last over time due to the use of low-quality materials and the development of ephemeral aesthetics. Hence, the strategy to ensure longevity involved developing a dismountable, repairable product adaptable to trends, made from high-quality materials.

Consolidating technology to allow versatility and freedom in creating ranges of outdoor light fixtures

This lamp is designed to be disassembled and to withstand all four seasons, bringing people together and creating outdoor moments. While it currently boasts an elegant and warm appearance, its electronic components are consolidated to allow for updates to its look according to trends.
development of the solar street lamp from Thalia
solar street lamp rendering of two products
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Promoting design for disassembly

Crafted for easy disassembly, ensuring sustainable recycling and minimal environmental impact.

Fuelled by solar energy

Powered entirely by solar energy, to provide efficient and eco-friendly lighting solutions.

Optimizing technology

Utilizing advanced technology to offer optimized performance and durability for urban and rural environments.

solar street lamp outdoor during the night
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